Analyse and Monitor your business communication using MoYoBi’s Cloud Suite and Webex Calling collaboration solution

Call Analytics

MoYoBi allows businesses to generate dashboards & reports that are
tailored to their specific needs and requirements. These reports can
be used to track key metrics such as call volume, call duration, and
call cost. Call analytics can be performed using a variety of dashboards
& reports.

Call Queue Monitoring

The call queue monitoring module provides detailed statistics and information about the activity on call queues and users/agents. This can help businesses monitor and improve the effectiveness of their communication and ensure high responsiveness of their agents. This means that businesses can monitor their call queue channels in real-time and quickly identify any potential issues or opportunities for optimization.


Our Key Features


MoYoBi’s call monitoring capabilities, including features like call queues and auto attendant kpi’s, allow you to monitor and measure the performance of your communication channels as if you were running a call center. The first step in effectively managing and optimizing these channels is to establish SLA objectives.



With dashboard widgets, users can access statistics on the performance of auto attendants, queues, and agents, including metrics on answered and missed calls, caller experience, and resolution times. Additionally, the dashboard slideshow feature allows users to create a custom slideshow using multiple dashboard views.


Native Webex

Moyobi has officially achieved
General Availability for the integration of Webex Calling by passing Cisco’s technical review, which was made possible by utilizing the latest CDR Rest Api.


Call Queue

MoYoBi provides supervisors with the ability to easily view a flowchart showing the complete flow of calls through a selected call queue or auto attendant. In addition, complete key performance indicators are available at each step of the flowchart.


Unlock the potential of your business with MoYoBi’s and Webex Calling powerful capabilities